Shaun Masterton presents written word book for 9.77
"Being capable at a lot of things can be good until you have to make a decision on what to do" Shaun Masterton
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry
Shaun Masterton Poetry

Quotes by Shaun Masterton

"just cause I have a 1 all over and I am dressed in black, doesn't mean I am going cause trouble. Just means I like a 1 all over and I sometimes like wearing black"

"when I saw Godzilla trending, I was so scared to click on it encase Godzilla had been found dead today. what a huge shock that would be to me"

"sometimes in life, you just have to write your troubles away"

"madness surrounds us all, all we can do is keep our sanity and influence those around us in a positive way"

"#socialmedia is a "land of opinions", don't mistake every single persons post as a statement of fact, its that persons opinion on that given moment, just like your life, there opinion will evolve over time"

"We all have our heroes, but it occurs to me, that gosh darn it, I am just so awesome, that I have become my own hero"

"My thoughts on history: if it didn't happen yesterday, then I probably forgot about it"

"a moment to shine is a moment to smile, a moment to change is a moment to breathe, no idea what this means but it sounds bloody good"

"after being involved in social media for many years now, I now think there should be free mental health care for everyone"

"it´s amazing how many things I never heard off until the internet came along and gave me a proper education"

"did the inventors of the internet ever wonder that the internet would eventually become our diaries"

"writing is a art of the mind that allows you to walk into areas, that you are to scared to physically go near"

"If dreams existed in reality, then we would have a lot of explaining to do to our loved ones"

"Treat your poker game like you would treat your loved one; be patient and wait for the right moment to show your hand"

"I could act my way to an Oscar but my memory would never allow me to remember my lines"

"Looks is what attracts you, personality is what makes you fall in love"

"Being capable at a lot of things can be good until you have to make a decision on what to do"

"Failure is the start of a new adventure"

"The World can be a sad sad place but it has moments when it shines as bright as the sun"

"The world is like a big jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing that will bring the whole of humanity together"

"Having hay fever is good if there is an Olympic sport for sneezing, since there isn´t, it sucks"

"A joke is worth a billion if it puts a smile on a sad face"

"True strength is measured by the loyalty you show to people around you"

"Sometimes life has a way of turning around and kicking u in the butt after you just been kicked in the groin"

"Gather your thoughts, write them down, just never know what beauty you may write"

"I want to do the Le Mans race and finish, it be such a rush but I probably should get my driving licence first"

"Every bit of information, no matter how useless it may seem, can prove useful in the end"

"There´s always a way to do something, you just need to find it"

"If money is everything, then what was everything before money?"

"I could play tennis as well as Roger Federer but eventually I would wake up"

"You have to believe you will succeed before you actually go and succeed"

"If sadness creeps into your life, then smile as tomorrow is another day"

"You should celebrate every day like it´s your birthday, don´t need a reason to have a good time"

"Every human should think there beautiful but the kind personalities, are the true beauties of the world."

"I can write a good poem but I'll never be able to write the winning lottery numbers"

"Life is like a game of battleships, you make choices but you just never know if you going hit"

"The World challenges us with sadness at times but we become stronger when we smile again"

"To understand a human, you have to go back to there roots, and see where they came from"

"Life is for living, not for worrying about schedules and deadlines"

"Writing is the utility to life"

"Thinking is like chewing gum for the brain; your brain is fresher afterwards"

"I've come to the conclusion that eggs are like social media, there just so much you can do with both"

"time heals the soul but they still live on with us"